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Do you know when it is advantageous to leave bookkeeping and payroll processing to an external accounting firm?


About Pilskom s.r.o.

We are based in Plzeň and provide services relating to accounting and taxes.

Possibilities for cooperation in processing accounting and salary management.

  • Management processing here at the company
  • Processing at the company by our employees
  • Other agreed to form of cooperation

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PILSKOM - daňové poradenství


Can’t keep up with all the legislative changes?

Dealing with problems with tax-deductible expenses?

Are you afraid of a tax audit and its consequences?

Leave these worries to us !


PILSKOM s.r.o.

Prokopova 27

301 35 Plzeň

tel:+420 731 572 221

tel:+420 377 224 334

fax:+420 377 222 349

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PILSKOM s.r.o., Prokopova 27, 301 35 Plzen, tel:+420 377 224 334, fax:+420 377 222 349,